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Bret Killoran is a re-recording mixer based out of Toronto, Canada. 


He attributes his early love of audio to recording songs he wrote on a Fisher Price Cassette Player at a young age. 


This eventually led Bret to pursue audio engineering at Fanshawe College, graduating with a diploma in Music Industry Arts. During this time, Bret also completed the Pro Tools Professional Certification through Berklee Online. 


Starting as a musician, Bret continued to perfect his craft while working at some of Toronto's top recording studios as an audio engineer. Through this experience, Bret was first exposed to working in film. It was then he realized he would prefer to watch a movie over listening to an album, and has credited this point to being the catalyst for him recognizing his true passion in film. 


Bret has worked on acclaimed film and television projects including Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Sweetness in the Belly, Coroner (CBC), Diggstown (CBC), The New Romantic, Poor Agnes (Best Canadian Feature at Fantasia), Bellevue (CBC), Note to Self (CBC), Away Home (TIFF), Bee Nation (Opened Hot Docs 2017), and This Changes Everything (TIFF). 

© 2018 by Bret Killoran